From festivals, ceremonies or competitions, to corporate events our services include providing and managing all of the systems necessary for your event to be successful. We provide management and coordination of all the technical aspects for you.

ESS was created to help organizers and promoters  secure and organize event systems, and to help  plan, manage and promote their events.  We live in this world and we know the language. We have years of experience working in event production and we know what it takes to plan and execute a successful event. When you put on a large event, to be successful there is an enormous amount of planning that should take place. You will need the services of many vendors and you will have a multitude of tasks that all require your personal time. We can relieve you of some of these responsibilities. And when we tell you we’ve got it covered you can forget about it and believe it’s going to happen.  You can spend your valuable time with other responsibilities or … just have some fun !


ESS is the go-to resource for event systems, planning, creation, promotion and management. Call us to see how ESS can help you with your next event. Let us show you how we can supply, organize and execute your event to be cost effective and successful.



We’re working with organizers who are creating gatherings of all kinds—whether they’re putting together a festival or an intimate class. And we have developed relationships with many companies that you will need to make your event happen.   We can be by your side from the conception of your event and help guide your every step. Our services always include a post event evaluation.